Waverley Memorial

February 13th, 2019

All HRCE schools closed today due to the weather.

Wednesday February 13, 2019
All Halifax Regional Centre for Education schools and offices will be closed today (Wednesday, February 13).

Today's decision was based on the following information:

Forecasts indicate the weather system will intensify this morning and deliver a mixture of snow, ice pellets and freezing rain before transitioning to rain.

High winds in coastal areas will reduce visibility with blowing and drifting snow.

Temperatures will remain below freezing throughout the day, increasing the risk of ice covered conditions on all equipment, roads, and pedestrian walkways.

HRM is advising motorists and pedestrians to exercise caution. Surfaces will be snow covered and visibility will be reduced due to strong blowing winds.

Stock Transportation has advised that driving conditions for buses during the morning and afternoon commute will be hazardous based on the volume of snow, ice pellets and rain projected throughout HRM.
The Halifax Regional Centre for Education takes great care when making the decision to cancel school in the event of severe or inclement weather. If you wish to comment on today’s decision, click here.

To learn more about the process the HRCE uses in making a decision regarding the cancellation of school, visit the HRCE website: www.hrce.ca