Waverley Memorial

A Message for Grade 5 Families:

Good morning Grade 5 families,

As the year comes to a close, the students of Waverley Memorial will be recognizing our Grade 5's with the production of a year-end celebration video. This video will include the Grade 5 song (as practiced in music class) and a collective reading of "Oh, the Places You'll Go!". It will be shown to other classes in recognition of the hard work and leadership of our Grade 5 students during their time at WMES.

We would like to also share this video with families via your child's Google Classroom. A reminder that this video should not be copied and posted to social media, thus respecting the privacy of all students.

Don't forget that June 21 is Field Day! Our Grade 5's are very excited to support Mr. James in the organization and help lead stations and groups. It is sure to be a fun day!

Thanks for your support, and have a great weekend!

WMES Grade 5 team
(Jennifer van der Weegen, Brianna Robinson, and Scott Smith)