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This Week at WMES - June 3-10

This Week at WMES
June 6 - June 10

Dear WMES Families:

A few updates this week:

  • Please continue to use the Covid19 Daily check everyday before sending your child to school. Students who are unwell should not be at school, even if they test negative for COVID. Thank you for helping us all stay safe and healthy this year.


  • Please note that our cafeteria will be closed Thursday June 9th.  Please be sure to send a lunch and snacks with your child on June 9th. 


  • Please send a water bottle with your child each day.  As the weather gets warmer it is so important for the students to have lots of water each day to stay hydrated. 


  • If you need Covid test kits please let us know and we’ll send some home with your child.


Navigating Social Media / Online Chats: 
We work very hard to teach our students to problem solve and build each other up instead of tearing each other down, but social media is a very tricky platform for our young students, and it can overwhelm them.
The best way we can help them learn to navigate these platforms is by providing them a safety net. 
If your child is on social media, or involved in online gaming:

  • We ask that you sit down and discuss how to respond to negative or inappropriate comments
  • We ask that you let them know that you will check the chats, read their texts from time to time, and listen in when they are gaming 

This is not an invasion of their privacy; it is a boundary that they absolutely need at this age in a world where boundaries on social media are very blurry.
They need to know that they can talk to you about negative comments, and that they should be careful what they say, because you could read it, or overhear it.  By preparing them now we are giving them tools they need to protect themselves, and others as they get older and social media becomes even more complicated. 
We have included some links to help you if you are interested. 
Thanks for your support, and please reach out if we can help in any way. 

Resources for families:




Opportunities with Halifax Regional Arts for 2022-23

  • Choral and Band Opportunities for students in 2022-23
    Did you know that HRCE students have some amazing opportunities to participate in choral and band programs with Halifax Regional Arts Music East?  All programs are taught by our talented HRCE music staff.  And it is all free!
    Choirs are offered for students from grade 3 to grade 12 at a variety of locations.    For details on the times, locations and grade levels check out our list of on the choral section of our website here.  Most of our choirs are auditioned choirs, with many auditions happening during the month of June.  For audition details and booking please click here
    Students who are enrolled in their school band program and who are looking for more opportunities to play, are encouraged to join the Halifax Regional Arts Junior Band.  This band is for grade 7 students and is a non-auditioned band that rehearses out of the Dartmouth Music Centre.  Learn more about all of our band programs here.
    REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW!  Click here to visit our website and register now. 
    Take a look and have a listen to what is happening in our Halifax Regional Arts Music programs.
    Halifax Regional Arts Music East Band Promo
    Behind the scenes with our Jazz Choir
    ​More details will be provided to you in the fall via the email address you provided in your registration.



Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
Mrs. Wolfe and Mrs. van der Weegen

Our webpage can be found at:  https://wms.hrce.ca/
You can also follow us on Twitter at: @WMESchool