Waverley Memorial

September 1st Updates for families

September 1st, 2022

Dear WMES families:

A few notes before we welcome everyone back next week:


  • Our staff are back to school September 1st.   We are so excited to welcome them back and start planning for an awesome 2022-23 school year.  We have lots to do and learn.  Staff will be engaged in Professional Development sessions on September 2nd and 6th. 
  • Class lists are not finalized.  Registrations continue to trickle in, and we continue to adjust accordingly.  Your child’s classroom teacher will contact you Thursday or Friday to welcome you to their class. 
  • School Supply Lists can be found on our webpage.  Any items not on that list will be purchased by the school.  Please reach out if you need any assistance.
  • Tuesday, September 6th we would like to invite you to join us for an Open House:
    - For our Pre-Primary students this will take place from 1-3pm.
    - For P-5 families the Open House will be between 6-7pm.  Students are welcome to attend as well, and this is a great time to drop off supplies, so the back packs are not too heavy on the first day.
  • First Day Drop offs.  While we appreciate how important it is on the first day for some families to come to the school grounds, we ask that you try to avoid this if possible.  For students who are feeling anxious already, a crowd of people can be very intimidating.  Our staff will all be outside directing students so you can be assured that they are in great hands.  If you do decide that coming to school is in your child’s best needs, please be respectful of our other students and staff and families, and follow staff guidelines/directions. 
    You can park on School Street, or on the school side of Rocky Lake Drive.  For safety reasons we ask that you please do not park on the far side of Rocky Lake Drive and then try to cross. 
  • A reminder that our Kiss and Go Loop is for quick drop offs.  Adults are asked to NOT get out of the car at the Kiss and Go (Small loop around the lower parking lot).  There will be an adult there to greet students and help if necessary.  If you need to get out of your car you will need to find a parking space in one of our two parking lots, or on School Street.  Thanks.


  • Thursday, September 8th is Stand up Against Bullying day across Nova Scotia.  Standing up Against Bullying is a topic that is discusses frequently and openly throughout the school year, but it is important to recognize that we always have more work to do.  Wearing Pink on September 8th is one way that we acknowledge our commitment to ongoing education and improvement.  We invite all students to join us in this commitment on Thursday by wearing pink.  Thanks.


Some Upcoming Dates for your calendars:
September 8th – Pink Shirt Day (Stand up Against Bullying)
September 12th – Our cafeteria reopens.  Order online on our school webpage.
September 19th – School Picture Day.
September 29th – Wear Orange today for Truth and Reconciliation Day.
30th – Truth and Reconciliation Day – No School for students.


Watch for more updates on our webpage:  https://wms.hrce.ca/
And follow us on Twitter: @WMESchool


See you soon!

Karla Wolfe and Jennifer van der Weegen