Waverley Memorial

Parent Teacher Cooperative

The Parent Teacher Cooperative is a great way to get to get involved in our School Community.  

The main responsibility of our PTC is to fundraise to provide extra-curricular and enriching  opportunities for our students.

Our PTC meets via Zoom (or in our Outdoor classroom when possible)

We are so thankful to our PTC for all they do for our school community. 


A big shout out to our PTC for their efforts to keep everyone's spirits high!  

How did our PTC support our school in the 2022-21 School year?

  • they have provided themed outdoor scavenger hunts for students
  • they have been helping us plan and create our outdoor learning spaces, including the awesome spindle tables we were able to add last Fall
  • they provided hot chocolate and a treat for our students for our "Friendship Week"
  • they purchased our Grade 5 hoodies for students to help ease financial burdens for families this year
  • they help us support families in our community 
  • they communicate with our community on our behalf
  • they keep us positive and optimistic