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Schools Plus - Building Relationships between families, schools and communities.

Did you know SchoolsPlus can:


  • Help you navigate getting Christmas support, such as toys and food, for your family?
  • We understand the rise in Cost of living has had a big impact on income for many families, which may lead to Christmas being a financial difficulty. Please feel free to reach out to us if you require Christmas support through local agencies. We can help you find the forms to apply for food/gift support, fill in the forms with you, and even pick up your Christmas hamper if needed.
  • NOTE: Registration for the main Christmas support programs is already open and there are deadlines so please reach out ASAP. 

    REMEMBER: SchoolsPlus services are confidential.  

    Your Schoolsplus team is Isaac LeBlanc ( Facilitator ) isaac.leblanc@hrce.ca,  and 
    Rachel Murray (Community outreach worker) rachel.murray@hrce.ca
    902 719 7181