Waverley Memorial

This Week at WMES - September 11 - 15

This Week at WMES
Week of September 12-16th


Dear WMES families:

Cafeteria Update:

  • The Cafeteria has delayed opening until September 18th. 
    Information to order can be found on our Webpage: https://wms.hrce.ca/ 
    Family members: Please take a minute to login and update your child’s profile page from last year so that our cafeteria staff know where to deliver lunches.  
    The cafeteria is accepting only online orders this year.   They will not be accepting cash orders so please remember to order online ahead of time.
    Thank You.  

Emergency Planning:

  • We will have our first fire drill this week.  All classes have practiced and discussed the importance of planning to be safe at school in case an emergency evacuation is required.  We are required to have six fire drills each year.  We will have two more this Fall, and three next Spring. 


WMES Picture Day:

  • Thursday, September 14th, is Picture Day at WMES!  Retake day will be October.  Class photos will be taken on Retake day.

Stand Up Against Bullying (Pink Day):

  • Thursday, September 14th is also Stand Up Against Bullying day in Nova Scotia. We participate to support the importance of building healthy, safe and positive environments.
  • The inspiration for the day came from the actions of Central Kings Rural High School Grade 12 students, Travis Price and David Shepherd, who rallied behind a new student to the school who was being bullied simply for wearing pink.
  • Students are encouraged to wear something pink on Thursday if they can. 

Lost & Found:

  • Please Label your items.  When items (water bottles, sweaters, sneakers, etc) arrive in our Lost & Found we always check for names before items are donated (which happens at least once each term).  


Morning Drop Off Reminders:

  • Our small loop out front is for quick “Kiss and Go” drop offs.  If you choose to use this loop please do not get out of your car. A staff member will be there to assist your child.    If you need to get out of your car you can park in either of our two parking lots, or you can pull into the larger bus loop - once all of the buses have exited.  

After School Pick ups:

  • A big thanks to everyone for waiting to pull in for after school pick ups until our buses have left.  We really appreciate everyone’s help to keep our school grounds safe.  When pulling into the bus loop after the buses have left we ask that you please pull up all the way around, and do not park on the inside of the loop. This helps the traffic to flow and avoids back up onto Rocky Lake Drive.   


PTC meeting:

  • Our First Parent Teacher Cooperative (PTC) meeting will take place on Thursday, September 14th at 6pm.   We will meet in our conference room next to the library.  All are welcome.  Our PTC helps to plan special events and fundraisers for our school.

SAC meeting:

  • Our first School Advisory Council (SAC)  meeting will take place at 7pm - immediately after the PTC meeting.  We are looking for new members this year, so if you are interested please join us.  More information about the role of the SAC can be found on our website.

Exciting News: 

  • We are doing a Musical in December.  All Grade 3-5 students will be participating in some way.  More information will continue to come home in our weekly newsletters, but we wanted you to mark the dates on your calendar: December 11-14th.  
  • Our P-2 students will have their opportunity to perform at our Spring “Celebrate the Arts” night in April.  Stay tuned. 


Terry Fox Run:

  • We will be having our annual Terry Fox Run on September 22nd.  Thanks to Mr. James and Mrs. Hillier for organizing. 
  • We are collecting donations for the Terry Fox Foundation.   If at all possible we ask that you donate online using this link: https://schools.terryfox.ca/WaverleyMemorial
  • However, if you would prefer sending in a cash donation (a loonie or a toonie) you are also welcome to do that.  
  • All students will participate regardless of donations, so please know that donations are optional, and we understand that it may not be possible for all families.
    Thanks for your support WMES!


Have a great week.   A reminder that our September calendar can be found on our webpage.

Mrs. Wolfe and Mrs. van der Weegen



Upcoming Dates for your calendar:

September 14 - Pink Day and Picture Day

September 18 - Cafeteria reopens

September 22nd - Terry Fox Run

September 29 - Orange Shirt Day

October 2- Truth and Reconciliation Day observed - No School today

October 9 - Thanksgiving - No School today

October 12 - Bus evacuation Drills

October 26 - Halloween Howl

October 27 - Provincial Conference Day - No School for students