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Community Health Programs for families

Hello school partners & parents, 

We are excited to bring you the new CHT Fall 2022/Winter 2023 flyer!  

We will be offering both in person and online group programs in this flyer!  The location of the program (online Zoom program or in person) will be indicated next to the program dates.  For some of the in person programs, the number of weeks or the time frame may be different from the online Zoom program version.  Please check dates and times carefully! 

Most group wellness programs are open to NS residents aged 18 and older and registration is required.  A small number of in person programs are open to residents of the greater Halifax area only – this will be indicated in the program description.  A valid NS health card number is required to register.  For parenting programs, have your child’s health card available to register.  As always, all programs and services are FREE!

Registration is easy!  Open the electronic version of the flyer attached to this email.   For most programs, click on “Click Here” in the program description and you will be taken to the registration page for that program.  For a few programs, there will be other information on how to register in the program description. 

The Community Health Team understands that many people are still preferring to social distance when out in public.  As a result, we are offering our programs in spaces large enough to allow for participants to social distance.  We were very fortunate to work with our wonderful community partners who provided their larger spaces for us to offer programs.  We worked with what they generously provided us.  With fewer spaces to work with, there were some limits in the time frames to offer programs.  We apologize if there is less variety of times/days to choose from for in person programs in this schedule.

Your Community Health Teams

Cheyenne Smythe Kelvey BSc O.T. Reg. (NS)
Mental Health & Wellness Coordinator
IWK & Community Health Teams (Dartmouth & Halifax)

Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers.
cell:     902-221-5995
email   cheyenne.smythekelvey@iwk.nshealth.ca