Waverley Memorial

School Supply Lists

Dear WMES families:

School Supply lists for next year are attached below.

We've made some significant changes this year in light of the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming school year.   You will notice that we've divided the supplies into 4 sections: "To bring in September", "To replenish in January", "To replenish in April", and "Items to have at home for at-home learning/homework". 

If you have any questions about the lists please do not hesitate to reach out.

You can order online from Staples again this year if you prefer that method.
There have been significant updates to the system they use this year. All supplies will be delivered directly to your home and not to the school.  You can also opt out of certain items on the Staples list that you may be able to pick up elsewhere for less.
Here is the link  https://staples.ca/schooltools  if you prefer to order online.  

Staples "Back to School" sales do not begin until later in July - so the prices will adjust at that time. 

Take care - and have a wonderful summer.